Our values

Artisans of taste

Upignac is a family company which now employs around 40 staff and artisans. Not only are they are all specialists in their own domain, they are all committed to the company and share the values of passion, quality and the passion for superior products that are so characteristic of Upignac. The expertise of the men and women working at and with Upignac is your guarantee of the consistent product quality.

Michel Petit, the Founder of Upignac

“ Upignac is the result of a shared passion that binds everyone who works for and with our company. They are all proud of the unique flavour of our products and share the same love of superior quality in both products and service. Throughout our growth process they have done all they can to retain the original spirit of the family company without sacrificing any of our values. We supply exceptional products that are processed with passion and according to traditions that we perpetuate with enthusiasm.“

“We are scrupulous when it comes to observing the quality norms for our products. We carry out multiple checks to ensure that the breeding and slaughtering norms are met, that each stage of the handling meets the imposed quality criteria such as cooking temperature and optimal preservation conditions, and impeccable traceability. Each day we take up the challenge of producing the best quality products, of creating recipes that meet the demands of our gourmet clients and ensuring that we comply with all the regulations .”

” Our production workshop involves very few mechanical procedures as we prefer to process products manually using our expert craftsmanship. Our traditions are thus preserved and we are able to retain the outstanding flavour of our products. At Upignac, there are no limits to our craftsmanship, but there is a definite limit to the industrial processes we use.”

Our commitment to quality

Quality and expertise are the spearheads of Upignac. Our activity covers several different specialities in which the quality of everyone’s work plays an important role and helps guarantee the consistent product quality. Upignac applies preservation and cooking methods that ensure both the culinary quality of our products and meet the strictest hygiene conditions.

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Perfect traceability

Our company meets the strictest European norms governing food and we are able to guarantee impeccable traceability of all incoming and outgoing products. A careful inventory is made of each raw material used in our products, which is stored in digital archives.

ISO 22000, for global quality

In 2012, Upignac was awarded the ISO 22000 certificate, an international standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system covering all organisations in the food chain from “farm to fork.”

Upignac also carried out an HACCP survey defining the risks associated with its activities as well as the preventive and corrective actions to be implemented.

Our commitment to animal welfare

Belgium applies the strictest European regulations governing the comfort and breeding of ducks and geese for the production of foie gras. Standards stipulate the duration of the force-feeding, the volumes of feed to be given, the number of ducks per m², the abattoir conditions, water, ventilation, etc.

Upignac ensures that these norms are respected by the breeders and the feeders with whom they work. With 30 years of experience behind it, Upignac has been able to draw up rigorous stipulations that make it possible to obtain the best quality of foie gras whilst ensuring the greatest respect for the animals. The quality manager of Upignac carries out inspections and checks that these norms are being observed.

In addition to the need for strict observation of norms, stress is also a factor that has to be taken into account as this can be a deadly enemy when it comes to ensuring the quality of foie gras. And this is why the young ducks are handled with the greatest care as soon as they hatch from their shells. The force feeding is carried out exclusively by specially trained and qualified people.

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Our commitment to social development

Ever since its inception, Upignac has made social development one of its priorities. Upignac has supported its employees ever since the Petit family made its first social commitments right through until the present day. It invests increasingly in training programmes for its teams. The loyalty and affection for their company is a true testimony to this social commitment.