Our preparations


Raw foie gras

Raw foie gras has an ivory-beige to ochre colour. It is both firm and springy to the touch. It is generally prepared as a terrine or fried and served with coarse sea salt and ground pepper. It is a favourite among gourmets who love to incorporate it in a wide range of recipes. The recommended portion per person is 80g. It comes vacuum packed and stays perfectly fresh for around 15 days if stored at 4°C.

Upignac-0026- juste poché

Whole foie gras cooked in muslin or semi-cooked

Whole foie gras that is cooked in muslin or semi-cooked is prepared by hand using whole lobes of raw foie gras. It is delicately seasoned with salt, pepper and Armagnac and cooked at a low temperature in a muslin cloth. It has a rather coarse texture and releases robust authentic flavours in the mouth.

Block of foie gras

Blocks of foie gras are made up from an amalgam of different pieces of whole foie gras that are lightly seasoned and cooked at a low temperature. It has a smooth, creamy texture and mild delicate flavour. This type of foie gras is available with or without whole pieces of liver depending on your preference or requirement. It is ideal for slicing and serving as a starter at the beginning of a meal. The ideal portion is 50 grams per person.