Foie gras

Upignac has been carrying out its rigorous selection of ducks and geese reared outdoors for more than 30 years, a farming method that produces the very best foies gras. The livers, that are a precious raw material, are processed by hand by specialists who are passionate about what they do here in the company’s workshops in Upigny.

In its search for the ultimate gastronomic pleasure, Upignac has become a master in the art of preparing fresh foie gras with subtle aromas and wonderful texture. Upignac offers a range of superior-quality foies gras – raw or cooked at a low temperature following different recipes and enhanced by a light blend of spices. Vacuum-packed or in jars.

Duck or goose, what is the difference?

Goose foie gras with its pale pink and beige colour weighs between 450 and 700 grams. It has a mild and delicate flavour.

Duck foie gras is slightly smaller and weighs between 400 and 550 grams and is appreciated for its more robust flavour. It in pink-ochre in colour and its authentic flavour that is characteristic of the region conquers the palates of a great many connoisseurs.

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